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Grafis Machinery

Dear Friends and Customers; WELCOME…
Packaging & Printing Industry is rapidly growing in Turkey as well as Self-Manufacturer Companies.
Grafis is certainly one of the head companies on this industry.
Grafis Machinery has been operating in the Packaging&Printing Industry since 1982. It’s a fact that we have a significant effect on the market as a Printer, Packer, Manufacturer, Dealer, Second Hand and New Machine Importer.

Seeing many of our machines are still working on the many printing houses is a big source of pride to us.

In changing global world situation, printing industry has also affected with a great deal and it changes shell dynamically. Therefore, the industry is experiencing its large displacement. The center of gravity on the market has shifted. Grafis which has been following closely all these developments for years, has taken precautions to exist in this sector in the future.